Thursday, March 22, 2012

In a primary election between a crook and an ex-Republican...

Who would you choose? In the 10th District for Illinois House of Representatives yesterday voters there chose the crook. Then it gets more complicated than that, today maneuvers are being made to get this individual out of that house seat.

I've been blogging about that story since it happened. State Rep. Derrick Smith had been arrested a week before the recent Illinois primary on the charge of accepting a bribe. For the next he was quiet and perhaps the weekend before the election embattled.

See I got wind of a rally held for Smith. A shameless display I could only imagine, that had US Congressman Danny Davis speaking for him. They made sure votes know it's either Smith or the ex-Republican. Whatever it was, it got Smith through the primary. Wednesday however is a much different story.

Now it seems various people in state government. The Republican leader of the Illinois House who just wasn't able to get his story straight as to what happened in the case of Rep. Smith. That is a statement was put out by the Republican leader said Smith took a bribe from a nursing home operator as opposed to a day care center operation as had actually been the case. Also now the Republican caucus wants an investigative committee similar to what helped get Rod Blagojevich impeached and removed from office.

You're wondering about the Democrats of course. Well it seems there are some behind the scenes wrangling. It appears Smith himself doesn't have clean hands. He was fired from a city job which it shouldn't have been very easy to get fired from but he was. Even then he should've had it made as a major political figure engineering his appointment to a state legislative seat.

That major figure just so happen to be our Secretary of State Jesse White. He took a stand against the appointment of Roland Burris to the US Senate by Blago. Although the only thing he did was refuse to affix his signature to some credentials. All the same he played a role to bring Smith to the state level and now we see the results of that. Another result is he himself is calling for Smith to step down the day after the primary.

Some ire is raised at the Speaker of the state house. He's often been portrayed by many as doing everything it takes to maintain his majority. But surely in this moment he's working behind the scenes to get Smith out. That being said his silence in this situation has been deafening for sure.

What's likely to happen is that when Smith finally resigns the seat he had been appointed to last year, White and Madigan surely will be vetting the successor. Needless to say this story will continue to unfold!

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