Monday, March 19, 2012

Going for "Obamabucks"

[VIDEO] I got wind of this from The O'Reilly Factor.

Dunno what to say about this other than to just shake my head. The people in this video have no clue. They want free money, one lady apparently has no idea what food stamps are, another man insists he must have welfare because his ancestors helped to build this nation as slaves. I really was besides myself with that man who claimed slavery as a reason he should get welfare. The gall of some people.

I could've gotten wind of this if I had HBO so that I could watch Real Time with Bill Maher. I don't and I'm uncertain if I would be a regular watcher of this program. This brief video by Alexandra Pelosi - daughter of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi - would've been something I would've liked to have seen on TV. Still this is some unbelievable piece of digital journalism.

Hopefully many of you would be upset at this as well. I definitely am!

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