Monday, March 19, 2012

CapitolFax: West Side Democrats rally for arrested legislator

A round-up and Rich Miller's syndicated column talking about the west side State Representative Derrick Smith. US Congressman Danny Davis apparently rallies support for Rep. Smith who was arrested y the Feds earlier this month on charges of outright bribery. He was appointed last year to the house seat after the original incumbent had moved up to the state Senate.

The rallies for this "embattled" appointed freshman legislator may be to prevent a former Republican who just so happens to be white to win the Democratic primary in this Black-majority district. It's almost as if Danny Davis and others want voters in that part of town to forgive that Smith has been busted for something criminal.

BTW, I like how Miller refers to Smith as "Rep. Genius". Very mean, but what can be said about that. Other than what he got busted for Smith has demonstrated that he's someone who is in over his head in that world. He's surely not the only one, but I'm sure for many the fact that he got busted for attempting to get $7K from a daycare center operator tells them something!

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