Monday, November 14, 2011

Where some can only see a desert...

[VIDEO] ...others can actually see an oasis. Bill Whittle is back to talk about the success of Western Civilization. Whittle starts with comparing the Israelis with their Arab neighbors. The Israelis have largely developed their nation while according to Whittle most of the surrounding Arab nations are still mostly desert.

It brings to mind this documentary produced by Protest Warrior. The clip I'm linking is from a much larger documentary entitled - Entering Zion. It underscores the point of how the Israeli nation was developed although they also explore life in various settlements in occupied Arab lands outside of Israel's borders.

Want to learn more about them read their Manifesto and here's a great quote:
The Muslim world could decide tomorrow to stop the war against the West. The Arabs have six million square miles of land with an ocean of oil beneath it. They have their two holiest cities, Mecca and Medina. They could give their Palestinian brothers a state tomorrow (in addition to Jordan, which is 70% Palestinian), give every one of them a bar of gold and beach front property in the Sinai, or vast tracts of land in the Fertile Crescent that would dwarf the West Bank and Gaza. Between the Arabs' oil wealth and Israel's scientific skill, the entire Middle East could be a thriving hub of culture, commerce, and life, not death. My God, how the desert would bloom.
The Israelis see an oasis, but the Arabs see a desert. One day the Israelis and Arabs will see a desert.

Of course in light of what Whittle discusses in the video above this could apply in any situation. My interest currently is blogging about the neighborhood where I live. Where many can only see ghetto, I can very much forsee a vibrant, thriving, and safe neighborhood. This could describe many in not only Chicago, but around the nation.

All it takes are the five qualities noted by Whittle: imagination, ambition, skill, work ethic, and perseverance. To persevere is a very important quality especially if you face very discouraging odds!

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