Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Thinking about an iPod...

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While I decide as to purchase a new cell phone, I'm taking a look at iPods. The current series of iPods have different uses. One can be used for music, another can be used as a watch, and yet another can be used like the iPad's little cousin. The question is which one to get since I can't have them all.

I'm not at all interested in the shuffle model but the nano, classic and touch are the ones that would be useful to me.

The nano could be used as a watch in addition to using it to listen to music on the go. It seems very practical to use if your out and about jogging and you need some music. But most of them can be used for the purposes of fitness with the right apps.

The classic would be perfect for the DJ. It's made for playing music and music only although it can be used to watch videos as well. But for my purposes it will be a device only to listen to music and nothing else.

The touch is the most versatile. If I even get an iPhone it would be used for much of the same purpose I could use the touch. To watch movies on the go in addition to listening to music and of course to surf the web. I could also take photos with it and videos and then have a ready-made device to display videos and photos. And at that I find a case where whatever is displayed on the iPhone and touch can be viewed in a stand that resembles a classic TV set.

Either way the Christmas season is upon us and I'm looking for a good deal on any of these iPod models!

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