Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ah, be careful out there handing out pocket Constitutions...

[VIDEO] You got to love America. As noted in a write-up over at The Blaze no matter whether you believe in the constitution or not it protects your rights. In this case you will here in the video above a Black Panther supporter (that's my description) appear to threaten someone who supports and believes in the US Constitution.

Well, we now have a new concern about handing out this very important document. People won't just berate you but threaten you with physical violence. Of course, this wasn't just about the US Constitution it's actually about the group who's handing out the Constitution, Youth for Western Civilization. So the berating part comes when this group is already deemed by the people you see in this video as a "white-supremacist organization".

Via Newsalert!

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