Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Raze the Roof: Cleveland Levels Vacant Homes to Revive Neighborhoods

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I saw this story on PBS Newshour Tuesday night. I caught the part with the man who is seeking to use a vacant lot in Cleveland as a vineyard. Similar to something you should've seen on this blog from the past spring. Description:
Business correspondent Paul Solman reports from Cleveland on the economically troubled Ohio city's efforts to tear down thousands of empty foreclosed homes in hopes of putting eyesore and dangerous properties back to productive use -- perhaps as community gardens, new businesses or even a vineyard.
I would like to see something about this on The Urbanophile that takes a hardlook at urban development in America's Midwest region.

Oh and I almost forget that Detroit wants to do something similar decommissioning depopulated neighborhoods and finding another purpose for the land.

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