Monday, April 18, 2011

Tea Party Activists To Rally In Daley Plaza

I went to this event last year, this year a similar event will take place. John Ruberry talks about recent tea party rally around the nation and mentions today's event to take place at Chicago's Daley Center.

The article from whom I stole this blog post title from CBS Chicago, talks about some of the racial accusations against the "tea party".
Last year, the NAACP passed a resolution condemning “explicitly racist behavior” in the Tea Party movement and called on people to “repudiate” what it described as racist elements of the Tea Party.

A CBS News poll in April of last year found 52 percent of Tea Party members believe too much has been made of the problems facing black people. Far fewer Americans overall — 28 percent — believe as much. Among non-Tea Party whites, the percentage who say too much attention has been paid to the problems of black people is 23 percent.

The original NAACP resolution, submitted by the group’s Kansas City branch, said the Tea Party movement has “displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically.”

A counterprotest group describing itself as “community members, youth and others of faith” will attend the Tea Party rally in Chicago Monday, and will display a 40-foot banner that points out the “disproportionate” amount of federal budget that is spent on the military and the wars.

The Tea Party movement generally unites on the fiscally conservative principles of small government, lower taxes and less spending. Beyond that, the ideology of the people involved tends to vary dramatically.
Ruberry notes that at a Tea Party rally in Oregon, some counter protesters referred to him a black speaker as an Uncle Tom for even speaking at the rally. Although we never see the speaker you can go to to see the video of this black counter protester.


Rob Ross said...

Uncle Tom was black. How can Ruberry be Uncle Tom?

So, what's your opinion?

Levois said...

Hmmm that was what happens when I rush. I didn't intend to infer that Ruberry was an Uncle Tom. :P

Rob Ross said...

Hey, it's cool. I figured it must have been a mistake. My question was what I was really interested in.

Levois said...

Of the tea party in general or of the black guy being heckled as an Uncle Tom?

As for the Uncle Tom business it's something I have a problem with. I hate dismissal of other viewpoints because it may not fit within some contrived racial idea.

Rob Ross said...

Yeh, I agree. What about the Tea Party - what do you think of them?

Levois said...

Well I don't have the greatest understanding about the tea party except for the fact that in general they seem to oppose gov't spending and the growth of gov't. Feel free to correct me or expand on that assumption if you'd like. But those two issues especially gov't spending is a bit of a sticking point for me. I take little issue with Americans getting together as the tea party has to protest the current conditions in our nation.

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