Thursday, April 28, 2011

Father Pfleger suspended...

And it warrants a post over at the Capitol Fax where it is said that Pfleger has ties with both state & local politicals. He was at St. Sabina located at 1210 West 78th Place in Chicago. He runs a largely Black populated parish and is less of a Catholic priest and more of a evangelist revival minister. It's safe to say he's an activist for his part of the city having not only advocated for Civil Rights, but crusading against violence.

Well those are the good things I'll say about him. One thing I will say about his is that he has a big mouth. And he's conflicted with the church enough times for them to have considered giving him another assignment after being the pastor at St. Sabina for 36 years.

I know very little about what goes in the Catholic Church. It isn't going to affect me whether or not Pfleger is about to remain with his South Side congregation. I'm not likely to attend or even work at Leo High School on 79th Street so whether or not he takes that assignment won't affect me either.

It's just safe to say that obviously there are those who have strong opinions about Pfleger.

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