Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I will be voting again today...

But I had just voted over a month ago. It's all good because this run off election starting at 6 AM will be it for the Chicago municipal elections for the next four years. In February voted already had made their choice for not only Mayor, but City Clerk and Treasurer. And for many, the choices for any of those city offices wasn't hard. In fact the incumbent was the only one running for City Treasurer.

In 14 city wards, no candidate was able to garner at least 50% plus 1 to avoid a run off. So there are run offs elections starting at 6 AM Tuesday. I

live in one of those wards. Look no further than The Sixth Ward to find coverage of the campaign in the 6th ward. In fact I was just made aware of this [VIDEO] from Progress Illinois (P.I.) Monday night. Interviewing both incumbent Ald. Freddrenna Lyle and her challenger Roderick Sawyer.
BTW, Progress Illinois is sponsored by the SEIU. The SEIU had put out several mailers attacked Sawyer based upon his statements on video gaming. Mainly saying that he supports it and also stating that he's failed to pay back taxes. Of course this is not to say P.I. is biased towards any candidate in any run off election this year.

This election is important since there will be a change in regime at Chicago's city hall. We know what to expect with outgoing Mayor Daley, but who knows what the future will hold with a Mayor Emanuel. He talks a good game but I want to see what he will implement going forward. So in the 14 run offs to be decided this morning and into the evening, voters will determine who will represent their communities during the term of the Emanuel administration.

Let's hope that we will have made the correct choices going forward.

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