Saturday, March 05, 2011

Jesse White: Martin Luther King, Jr. statue vandalism 'reprehensible'

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Vandals fired yellow paint-balls at a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. located near the Illinois statehouse, Secretary of State Jesse White's office announced Friday.

The Illinois Secretary of State Police is investigating the vandalism, which was reported around 7 a.m.

According to a statement from White's office, no other statue or structure in the capitol complex was damaged. The statue has been cleaned and no permanent damage was sustained.

"I find it reprehensible that anyone would seek to denigrate the legacy of Dr. King in any way," White said in a statement. White was personally associated with King, when he attended Alabama State College, where King was his minister.

"Our state and our country owe him a debt of gratitude," White said. "and his memory should always be cherished and celebrated."
Probably some young men engaging in some pranking with little idea as to who's statue that they hit. Although yeah it's possible that there is someone out there who really wanted to make a statement by assaulting Dr. King's statue.

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