Wednesday, March 02, 2011

CBC Accuses GOP Of Pitting Blacks Against Immigrants At Hearing

Well I'm sure a certain reader would be very interested in this angle to the issues of illegal immigration:
Black lawmakers accused Republicans on Tuesday of trying to “manufacture tension” between African-Americans and immigrants as GOP House members argued in a hearing that more minorities would be working were it not for illegal immigration.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, D-Mo., chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, criticized the hearing’s premise in a statement. Several other Democratic lawmakers echoed that argument, saying Republicans were ignoring their lack of support for job training, affirmative action, college financial aid and other programs more critical to employment of minorities.

“I am concerned by the majority’s attempt to manufacture tension between African-Americans and immigrant communities. It seems as though they would like for our communities to think about immigration in terms of ‘us versus them,’ and I reject that notion,” Cleaver said in his statement.

Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, issued a warning at the start of the hearing against any attempts to pit blacks against Latino immigrants, a notion that he said he found “so abhorrent and repulsive.”
Rep. Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, pointed out that after Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided Georgia Crider Inc., which had 600 jobs filled by people not working in the country legally, the company raised wages $1 an hour and attracted legal workers, primarily black Americans.

“With unemployment at over 9 percent for 21 months, jobs are scarce. And that is especially true in minority communities across the U.S.,” Smith said.

The three witnesses supporting the Republican view at the hearing were Hispanic and black. Lawmakers and witnesses presented their own studies and statistics supporting their positions.
Just wondering if there are any Black politicians anywhere who is looking into the potential issue of Black unemployment or any correlation with that in terms of illegal immigration. Sadly I haven't heard much about it and it's doubtful that the CBC has any stomach for that.

It seems the debate over illegal immigration is really about immigration. Yeah America was built by immigrants, but hardly by those who didn't legally came to this nation surely. But again this isn't entirely my issue as opposed to the others raised such as job training or education.

Even then the issue of illegal immigration may come into play in at least education. Especially if we allow illegals to enjoy the many amenities of American life such as public education, but without officially being citizens.

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