Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Althouse: "Now, Walker, Scott, and Kasich are doing exactly what they should do, and exactly what Barack Obama did in 2009."

You know I never thought about it this way.
"They won power; they're using the power to push through structural political and economic changes that will be hard to reverse. They're making the same bet Obama did — if they do this, the economy will rebound, and their political opponents will have been weakened in a way they may never recover from."
Taking on the unions and successfully challenging their collective bargaining rights. Yeah that may be hard to reverse, but I'm sure that it'll be tried. Of course it was noted that while this may be good news in the long term for Ohio & Wisconsin this could spell trouble for Republican Presidential hopefuls.

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Gerard said...

I'm not sure how bad it'll be for presidential prospects. The amount of public sector union workers is miniscule, and even though they exert a lot of political pressure, they haven't been able to accomplish most of their goals, e.g. card check, blocking free trade deals, etc...

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