Saturday, February 26, 2011

iPad 2 coming March 2

I got my eye on one of these. Hopefully the first generation of iPad will come down in price as there will be a second generation:

The company sent out a media invite for an event March 2 in San Francisco. If you have been keeping up with all things Apple lately, you know this is 99.9 percent likely the unveiling of iPad 2 which is rumored to be thinner and feature dual cameras for videochatting. And by now you've figured out the double meaning behind the No. 2 in the invite.

Depending on who you believe, this iPad could also have double the resolution, a high speed connection to another device or make pancakes. And while an announcement is all but a lock, we don't know when the actual iPad will ship.

As someone who has been blogging about Apple for several years, I can tell you that while you should be excited, the pancakes are definitely out. Definitely expect a thinner device - all of Apple's offerings pretty much shrink in size between iterations - and the cameras are a lock. You are going to see Aunt Penelope's goiter in so much detail.

Of course, there's at least a strong likelihood that the new iPad is just one announcement. New laptops are expected, along with a new technology to rival USB 3.0. Should be an interesting day.
I can also look at those iPad alternatives that are out there as well. Hopefully cheaper if I buy them brand new.

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