Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rahmbo’s Latino Problem

My friend in New York takes aim at Chicago's Mayoral race of course it's in keeping with his niche issue of immigration. He wrote this before the former White House Chief of Staff was kicked off the ballot by our state appellate court:
In the end, I doubt that the anti-Emanuel forces among Hispanic activists in the city of Chicago can prevent him from assuming office in a Democratic primary that is increasingly looking like a coronation. As the article points out, Emanuel is already lapping his closest Latino opponent among Latino voters who’ve declared a preference, and I doubt that anything said or done between now and the election will change that. Rahm has too much name recognition, too much money, and too many influential backers among the Daley and Obama machines for his campaign to be derailed at this point in time.
Now we have to see if Emanuel is able to win his appeal and get back on the ballot for Mayor of Chicago.

Hehehe, I keep forgetting that he wants it known that he writes for a website not a blog. :P

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