Thursday, January 27, 2011

An old article about Comedy Central

Recently Comedy Central launched a TV version of the Onion Sports Network. Done by the same people, but now instead of watching them online either at The Onion website or on YouTube they're on your TV set Tuesday nights @ 10:30/9:30 Central Time.

Also The Onion news network airs on the IFC channel but since I don't currently receive that networtk, it's out of sight! :P

Anyway the Onion sports program got me to thinking about old programming from close to 20 years ago on the network that became Comedy Central. Yeah you got it, that network wasn't always home to Chappelle's Show, Reno 911, or even South Park it's long time mainstay.

The new Onion show reminded me of Sports Monster that last aired over two decades ago. Alas I couldn't find anything other than this Wikipedia article and I'm pretty sure that a video clip from this long forgotten show is difficult to find out there.

Then I rediscovered this show Night After Night with Allan Havey. I found several clips of this show on YouTube last night. When searching for old programs on YouTube, my search is focused almost exclusively on finding an intro and hopefully some other footage from a particular program. Thus I have found this:
Things must change over time, but I really don't recall the last time Comedy Central featured a comedian in a stand-up routine. And that doesn't mean an HBO special but footage filmed at a comedy club recently.

Also I wish they could show more reruns from classic comedians. They used to show episodes of either Jack Benny or Ernie Kovacs. It seems it's easier to experiment when you start off as a fledgling network.

Also recent I discovered that BET recently re-entered the realm of late night talk shows with The Mo'Nique Show. It's been my experience that when BET attempts a late night talk program, there's a tendency to try to repeat the success of The Arsenio Hall Show.

All that is said because it might be time for Comedy Central to try a Night After Night redux. If only they were quick enough to get Conan O'Brien when he was looking for another TV job. Hopefully someone at Comedy Central is reading this.

OH YEAH, I forgot to note this Time magazine article about Comedy Central from December 11, 1995. Perhaps a little less or at least two years before South Park premeired for the very first time on that network. It's worth a read about that old network.

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