Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun wants newspaper columnist fired...

Remember that Neil Steinberg column I posted about on Monday. Well Carol wasn't amused by the column. She wants the man who is a "verified drunk and a wife beater" to be fired from the Sun-Times. You know all it shows is that Steinberg has earned his pay.

Even though the mayoral aspirant and former US Senate who once held the seat now occupied by Mark Kirk has been out of politics since her run for President in 2004 she had her supporters outside of the Sun-Times HQ:
Earlier on Tuesday, a small group of protestors marched outside the offices of the Sun-Times. What provoked their anger was a Steinberg column published in Monday ’s newspaper. It portrayed Braun as utterly clueless, to the point that she’d be unable to distinguish over-the-top mockery from genuine praise.
BTW, I didn't finish that quote from the first paragraph which is actually Carol's words. She was referring to Steinberg's arrest in 2005 for domestic abuse. The full quote is:
"He's a verified drunk and a wife beater who showed his disdain and disrespect for the African-American community in that article -- in several articles. He's got a history of this, and I'm just actually surprised that the Sun-Times would continue to give him a platform."
You know this wasn't the first time he was accused of disrespecting the Black community. He has some choice words to say about John Stroger when he fell ill in 2006 a week before the primary. Roland Martin went after him on his radio show back then as well. In any event, he later apologized for his remarks.

Congrats Carol you not only made it about you, but also about race. *smh*

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