Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jay-Z blames Reaganomics and Iran-Contra for drugs in urban communities

He was on Late Show last night with David Letterman and I got wind of this via Newsalert!

If you read the comments at you will see that there are many who disagree. And they blame "liberal" (leftist) policies. The slums there are some in the comments who advocate for allowing people to use drugs. Others just say that this is another Hollywood "genius".

To be sure, this isn't the best interview in the world. In answering Letterman's questions, well it seems Dave had to pull them out of him. This wasn't the best interview I have ever seen and perhaps this was a better venue than anything that was serious. Let's say like either Tavis Smiley or even if he had been interviewed by the late Ed Bradley. They tend to be serious.

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