Saturday, November 27, 2010

35 Ways You Can Help the Homeless

I'll be honest I tend to just not respond to the homeless. Just have my ideas about some of them mainly that they beg and offer nothing else. Perhaps I don't trust them.

Well this list gives me something to consider. If the homeless begs who's to say I have to give them money. Could always offer a donation to a local homeless shelter. At that I could always offer them some information that could help them get off the streets. Ultimately that would be what I would like to see. Not sure standing on the streets looking for a handout is what will get them off the streets.

Let me also be honest I don't know much about how they got to where they are or what their backgrounds are. All the same I would never offer money, but certain offer them something that I take for granted such as food.

Via Chicago News Bench.

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The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

I have always felt that, other than buying Streetwise, the best way to help the homeless was to feed them. By that I mean putting a serving of fresh tasty sealed nutritious food directly in their hands instead of cash. When someone was genuinely homeless I have found the reaction to this to be usually gratitude.

I used to do this most often on my way in or out from work. I found McDonald's $1 double cheeseburgers to be most welcome as well as wild cherry yogurt servings the kind with real fruit on the bottom. There was one guy I used to see every day on the off ramp of I-94. I started feeding him yogurt every day. The first day he was a little suspicious but by day two he was looking for me because it tasted really good. It had come from my own lunch. That first day he looked like hell. A benefit of feeding someone yogurt is that not only is it a dairy product but the acidophilous works on healing the stomach. After two months he was able to stop begging and got a job somewhere. I was pleased. Fruit keeps well also. So if you don't want to buy someone's next drink - give them some food.

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