Thursday, August 05, 2010

'Transformers' Filming Moving to Gary, Ind.

I've seen hints of this all over downtown, even as recently as yesterday near Union Station. Got caught up in heaving traffic leaving that part of the city. I wonder if Gary could use some of this attention:
Gary's Board of Public Works and Safety agreed to let DW Studios Productions and Paramount Pictures film "Transformers 3" on property owned by Majestic Star Casino and at the publicly owned City Methodist Church at West 6th Avenue and Washington Street.

The filming will take place as early as next week but no later than Aug. 23, officials said. Al Cohn, location manager for DW Studios, said the filming dates depend on the movie's filming schedule and that of director Michael Bay.

Crews have spent weeks filming the movie in downtown Chicago, creating scenes of devastation on Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive. According to an agreement read by Controller Celita Green, pyrotechnics and gunfire can be expected during the shoot in Gary.

DW and Paramount were also given permission to shoot a scene for "Transformers 3" in April at the former Lehigh cement plant owned by Majestic Star. Ben Clement, Gary's director of film and television, said the crew will also return to that location this month.

While the shoot in April was supposed to include a crew of 60 people, this month's shoot will include a crew of 150. Gary's public safety staff will be compensated for any time spent helping with the shoot, according to the agreement. The city also received a check for $1,550 in filming fees.
I'm sure this childhood favorite (this isn't exactly my childhood favorite so don't consider me first in line to watch) will excite many people whether or not they live in Gary or Chicago.

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