Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Maxine Waters on the ethics of Newt

Don Surber turns the spotlight on what Maxine Waters said about Newt Gingrich's ethics issues back in 1995. Back then Waters was and still is a sitting California Congresswoman and Gingrich was the Speaker of the House until 1998 or 1999. Currently Rep. Waters is experiencing her own issues in front of the House ethics committee like her colleague on the Congressional Black Caucus, Charles Rangel.

Her alleged ethical indiscretions were discussed by Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg earlier this week and it sounds like they expect her to race bait her way out of trouble. Of course they indicate that was her history to engage in race baiting. Also I wonder if the Congressional Black Caucus is doing anything in defense of two of their members.

Via Instapundit!

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