Thursday, August 19, 2010

Impact of "ground zero" mosque on Illinois governor's race

Rich Miller made note of Bill Brady's (the Republican nominee for Governor) comments on this particular issue. Cited it as evidence of Brady's growth as a candidate & leader:
Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bill Brady says he thinks there's a "lack of sensitivity" regarding the building of a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York City.

Brady on Tuesday wouldn't give an opinion on whether he supports or opposes the mosque site near Ground Zero. He said he hopes "sensitive minds will deal with this in a sensible way."
There here's Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn's comments on this particular issue from the Post-Dispatch:
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday said he believes proponents of building a mosque near the site of the 9-11 attacks in New York City should respect a ``zone of solemnity'' and move it further from the site.

The comments were surprising because Quinn is the state's top Democrat and a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama, who has said the mosque has the right to locate near ``ground zero'' as a statement of American principles of freedom of religion.
Quinn, surprisingly may have handled this issue better than the Democratic nominee for US Senate. ;)

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