Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marathon Pundit: Gianoulias doesn't support a new Greek Orthodox Church at "ground zero"

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
State Treasurer Alexi Gianoulias is running for US Senate. He wants to take up the seat of his mentor President Obama. Since he became the Democratic nominee he's had a rough go in a race that seems to be a close one because his Republican opponent Mark Kirk isn't without his problems himself.

Either way did he step into it by supporting the construction of a Muslim community center near "ground zero" the former site of the twin towers of the World Trade Center?

Not only that Marathon Pundit mentions a story about the only place of worship destroyed on September 11th, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Gianoulias is said to be Greek Orthodox himself and unfortunately has very little according to this Weekly Standard article that Ruberry linked to in his post.

The congregation at St. Nicholas has been struggling to rebuild their church since that unfortunate day. The church itself was destroyed when the south tower of the WTC collapsed right on top of it.

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