Friday, August 27, 2010

Illinois 2010 resembles 1980

On Monday Rich Miller wrote his syndicated column where he compared the governor's race to the 1980 presidential race. He says that Gov. Quinn is similar to Jimmy Carter and State Sen. Bill Brady is similar to Ronald Reagan. He reiterated those points on the new Chicago Public Radio program, Best Game in Town.

The comparison is valid. To be sure I had high hopes for Quinn and he has been a marked change from Ousted governor. I believe Quinn is an honest man, but as far as governor he doesn't seem much different from his predecessor and running mate. He has left a lot to be desired as far as governing.

Of course it isn't entirely clear that Brady will govern better. So far he's ran a better campaign as Miller notes that the Governor, "wouldn’t recognize a campaign theme if it was bleeding to death on his front lawn".

Speaking of Jimmy Carter he is said to have had a very successful post-presidency. In fact he recently secured the release of an American citizen who was sentenced to prison in North Korea for crossing into their territory. It just had to be brought up his failure to bring home hostages from Iran during his presidency!

At least in Quinn's case the issues he face will not involve any foreign affairs with the eyes of the world upon him.

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