Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heard that Bill Brady was at the Bud Billiken Parade....

So I had to find any media coverage I could of that. Ran across this blog, the lady here seemed so excited to meet the Republican candidate for Governor she describes him as really cool and approachable. Apparently Mark Kirk was at the Billiken as well, and she got a picture with him. She also embedded video from ABC7 and points out that she was in this video at the 17 minute mark!

Even better, she said that she was supposed to walk with Scott Lee Cohen, but Brady made it to the Bronzeville neighborhood to take part in this parade.

You may want to know why this is significant. Honestly I've rarely paid attention to this tradition. This parade has been held for better than 80 years and is a signal that the school year is about to start again. The audience is primarily black and Bronzeville is a predominantly black neighborhood.

Another major significance to this event is for the politicians. Years ago Rod Blagojevich in running for re-election was running around shaking hands during his time in the parade. Let's not forget that Blacks make up an important base for mainly the Democratic party. Even then it might be a very important thing to show up in the Billiken if you want to seek black votes.

In this election for Governor (I do wish I knew how to create odds) I feel that this will be a squeaker by election day. Every vote will count in this one and perhaps Bill Brady from downstate Bloomington, Illinois may have made a smart move. Hopefully this will count in November!

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