Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Charles Thomas: Pat Quinn's Week to Forget

Umm, well things went a little downhill after the Governor signed a bill in Chicago's Roseland neighborhood. Well Rev. Meeks and other ministers at that signing didn't indicate that they would support Quinn in his re-election bid. Then three days after that those same ministers who were in Roseland met with his Republican opponent Bill Brady in Bronzeville:
Then I found out that three days later, on Thursday, some of the same ministers who attended the Roseland bill-signing joined others in a secret meeting with republican gubernatorial candidate Senator Bill Brady.   The breakfast at Pearl's Restaurant at 39th and Indiana included an estimated two dozen black clergymen and was described as the "opening of a dialogue" with the Bloomington conservative.

Several of the ministers described Senator Brady as "nothing like the right-wing extremist" described by Governor Quinn and his operatives.
I would've like to add the previous paragraph in his post. There is a concern that Pat Quinn is taking the support of perhaps specifically Black ministers (more broadly Black voters) for granted in his campaign. In a private session, Quinn was said to be disconnected.

As for that last paragraph in that excerpt, could that spell trouble for Quinn. You know what else, this doesn't come too long before Brady made his appearance at the Bud Billiken Parade this past weekend. You saw a clip where ABC7 talked to Brady during that parade in a previous post.

Hmmmm, what's next Brady will make an appearance next month at the Chicago Football Classic? Will we see him offer his own greetings to Black College Football fans as Governor by next year? Time will tell!

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