Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What about Shirley Sherrod

Been a while since we've heard from this Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion. He was all over the Blago saga when it started with his arrest and eventual removal from office. Unsure if he had actually followed the federal trial where Blago's defense team rested their case.

Today he discusses (link via Instapundit) another political matter on a more federal scale. A US Dept. of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod was caught on tape relaying a story about how she didn't lift a finger to help a white farmer who was on the verge of losing his farm.

She became part of the saga between the left (or liberals or progressives) and the tea party crowd. Elements on the left wing wants to demonized the tea party as a group of racists. Unfortunately there is scant proof other than maybe one video of a "proud racist" attending a tea party rally. The video I saw on Glenn Beck showed him being berated by "teabaggers". In other words they didn't share this "gentleman's" racist values.

Still because they are opposed to our President, they are racist. They hold points of view that they disagree with and therefore that makes the tea party racist. I mean they're not saying anything different than what has been said about right-wingers (or conservatives) over the years.

Anyway because she was caught on tape talking about what happened over 20 years ago while she was at an NAACP event. She gets outed by Andrew Breitbart who said on Hannity that he had info about this tape in this emails since the spring.

I heard she was fired from her job, but in a press conference today was offered a job by the Secretary of Agriculture. Although she wasn't offered her original position. She was thrown under a bus only to still have a job with that agency.

Wow! What a hot potato!

BONUS: Zack Isaacs talks about this story as well with the accompanying video of Sherrod.

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