Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So I watched this video last night via Newsalert and it seemed like an impassioned please from Cedra Crenshaw who is running for State Senate as Republican. She's running against incumbent Senate AJ Wilhemi. This election from what I have seen of it has been framed as a battle against the influence in suburban Will County of Chicago's Democratic Machine.

To be honest I haven't really followed this race, but I know bits of news are out there about Crenshaw fighting to stay on the ballot. You can hear in that video that she has been successfully kicked off the ballot. Apparently the Democratic machine wants to keep their man in!

Having opponents kicked off the ballot is apparently a time honored tactic in Chicago. If you can keep your opponent from even running against you whether or not they can beat you then you will have insured that you're the only choice on the ballot. It happens all too often here and even worse even the current President of the United States benefited from this practice.

In any event I could also frame this event as people still intimidated by a "non-traditional" Republican such as Crenshaw who is a wife and mother and apparently a tea-party favorite. She's also an accountant, but I'll bet money that if she ran in Chicago and in a predominantly minority district she could be in worse shape. Out there in Will County she may have a chance in the city the establishment and the voters will likely give her a really hard time even if she successfully stayed on the ballot.

Either way I do wish her luck as she continues her bid to stay on the ballot!

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