Thursday, July 01, 2010

Left Exposed: The NAACP'S Astronomically Stupid Protests

Sonja Schmidt from PJTV takes on the NAACP. Not sure how long this vid will be available so take advantage ASAP or you will have to either register with PJTV or cough up some money to be a subscriber!

She takes on a number of issues with the NAACP one of them being the name of that storied organization. Should they just change the part about "colored people"? We are living in an era where not only that is considered offensive by some, but also using another past term for Blacks, Negro, is also considered offensive.

BTW, she takes aim mainly at Julian Bond, the former Chairman of the organization who had taken shots at Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice in addition to the Republican Party by considering them not much different than the Nazi Party. Heh her point here is that Julian Bond didn't put much stock into another part of the NAACP, advancement. Powell and Rice advanced, but thanks to a Republican President.

Also Texas Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee. According to Schmidt feminists didn't want hurricanes to be given female names because they thought it was insulting. Hmmm, how is that?

Lee who may well be a feminist herself wanted black names to be used for hurricanes. The next question is what exactly constitutes a black name. Some of us shares names with people of other races although some of us may have these creative names that in my opinion have little meaning. When I have kids I'm giving them their forebear's name and at least their not created.

Finally what about the protest over the term "black hole". How did that become a derogatory term for black women? Especially if it's merely a scientific term for an astrological phenomena that are dead or dying stars. I think some people think too much and it only proves that they look for things to be upset about.

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