Wednesday, June 30, 2010

McDonald v. Chicago fallout

AP - Chicago Moves Quickly To Draft New Gun Ordinance

Found this via Newsalert. Expect there to be restrictions on number of handguns per city resident, on placing guns in lockboxes, trigger locks or even liability insurance. Expect there to be a challenge to the insurance component:
When the court's decision was announced Monday, gun rights supporters said they would challenge any attempt to require insurance, saying, for example, that if it costs too much money it would amount to discrimination of the city's poorer residents. On Tuesday, Georges said the city was still grappling with such a requirement and has not yet figured out how it would work in way that is not too expensive.
Clout City - City Council Doesn't Act on New Gun Ordinance Because There's No Ordinance To Act On

Again no big surprise, the Daley administration hasn't been very straightforward about their plans. A proposed ordinance is being considered on the city council today!

Clout City - Gun-Rights Meeting Is On After All—But Not at Tuley Park 

Found this out via a comment at The Sixth Ward. I guess Chicago State University is more willing to pay host to such a meeting than the Chicago Park District.

GML - Does Mayor Daley enable violence?
Do you think Mayor Daley is the violence enabler, committing or allowing genocide in Chicago by trying to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding, 2nd amendment protected citizens? Did he enable torture practices, when he was state's attorney? 
Followed by videos of his recent programs discussing this idea.

Sun-Times - City: One handgun per person 'sufficient' 

More about what the city has in mind for gun control also via Newsalert!

Radio Equalizer - Sharpton: My Listeners Overwhelmingly Support Court's Gun Rights Decision 

Via Instapundit.

Wall Street Journal - Is His Gun-Control Concurrence Justice Thomas’s Finest Hour?

Also via Instapundit!

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