Friday, January 15, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel goes after Leno

I heard that the jokes are getting nastier. Leno and "Coco" are going after each other in their monologues. Last night it was very funny when Andy Richter seemed to suggest that he not only went on a buying spree, but also may have borrowed money from a loan shark.

Anyway, the only man missing from the jokes about this story regarding Leno returning to his original 11:35/10:35 PM central time slot was Jimmy Kimmel who made an appearance on The Jay Leno Show. You can go to the LA Times to see a clip. You can also go to E! Online to see that Rosie O'Donnel doesn't like this recent move.

I understand that Jay Leno may not have wanted to leave in 2009, but the move has been made. Perhaps NBC is at fault for letting this happen, not anticipating that Leno had no desire to leave and in the arrangement that is said to be a done deal that "Coco" would just accept it move back later. Whether you take this seriously or not, this is just a bad business move all around.

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