Monday, October 05, 2009

On the L

On Friday, there was this man who got on with two see-thru plastic bags that contained blankets. They were protected by cardboard boxes that had the Arizona Tea logo. And this guy seemed restless.

For instance he decided to move up to some empty seats so he went back and got those blankets and took up those empty seats with those blankets, however he took an empty seat sitting with a guy who was in and out of sleep. So let me see he put it upon himself to take up three seats with himself and those blankets. Wow, he ought to be glad we weren't talking about rush hour!

All the sudden he decided to take an empty seat next to me and a couple of seats opened up, but he didn't budge until the train got to 79th Street. This guy was clearly irritating me on this trip! If I was more of an alpha male I'd have told him off!

Today, I was on my way to Hyde Park for a dental appointment. If it wasn't enough that we had to switch trains because we were on the train for a good period of time until we heard an announcment that the train we were on was out of service.

Anyway there was this dude who was doing nothing more than talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. He was on another part of the car and was talking and loud. At first before our train pulled off from 95th Street, he was a little upset that no one was willing to pull the red ball to open the doors. All he had to do was wait because the doors would be opened, especially if the train was about to pull right off.

I heard his conversation with another young lady on the train where he talked about his big ears saying that he had big ears but they're not elephant ears. Suddenly he moved up the car and sat closer to me and started talking to this lady who was with a child (prolly grandchild or nephew although she looked old enough to be his mother). This guy started talking about adult topics like marijuana, drugs, blunts (cigarettes), and was cussing a storm in front of the child. Although hey I'm not so sure the child was paying much attention so there may not have been much harm, but the fact that he kept doing it raised my eyebrows.

Besides he said he'll quit cussing and would go back to cursing. He would say he'll shut up talking to this woman and then turn around and quit talking. All this after saying to this lady you have a nice day and he kept up a conversation. He was almost flirting with the lady at one point and I was so hoping she said "HELL NO!"

Well at this point I was tired of him and got up to wait for the next stop at Garfield. I couldn't hear what she had to say anymore. She was prolly too nice to tell him to SHUT UP!

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