Monday, August 24, 2009

Springfield to require training after nooses found

City officials in Springfield say plans are in the works to require city workers to take diversity and sensitivity training after two nooses were found hanging at city facilities.

The nooses were found earlier this summer hanging at the city's water and electricity department. One of the nooses was found at the work station of a black employee.

Nooses are often considered symbols of racial oppression, invoking images of racist lynchings.

Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin says he didn't think sensitivity training would be necessary in the year 2010, but he's learned more needs to be done.

Authorities are investigating if criminal charges will be filed against the three white employees who allegedly tied and hung the nooses.
You know I thought of these sensitivity training as lame, but really it's not funny or even appropriate to direct nooses towards your fellow black employees. It's very unfortunate that we got people who thinks this is OK. And at that this is over 100 years after some serious race riots there.

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