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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

L.A. schools site packed for vote on allowing outside groups to run some schools

A story about privatization of public schools in Los Angeles, California:
The scene today outside the downtown headquarters of the Los Angeles Unified School District is a bit chaotic, with hundreds of competing activists and traffic jams. At issue is today's vote on a plan that would allow outside groups to take control of 50 new campuses scheduled to open over the next four years. The proposal has been expanded to include more than 200 existing schools that have persistently failed to meet state and federal improvement targets. These schools could be shut down and converted to charter schools or turned over to outside groups.

The strategy sessions for today’s theater began before dawn. By 5 a.m., about 50 supporters of the proposal, wearing light-blue T-shirts emblazoned with “My Child, My Choice,” began lining up to be the first into the auditorium, where the school board is scheduled to deliberate over the measure at 2 p.m.

Right behind this contingent came a larger one, distinctive for its red T-shirts. The group is spearheaded by  United Teachers Los Angeles, the district's teachers union, which is leading opposition to the proposal,  authored by school board member Yolie Flores Aguilar.

An amendment supported by the union could give veto power over any school reform to parents, teachers and other bargaining units. This amendment was brought forward by newly elected Westside board member Steve Zimmer, who said his intention was for reforms to be inclusive and ultimately more effective.
The main theme or point in this article is that there is attempts by the teacher's unions to protect as many jobs as possible. Not only teachers positions but non-teaching as well.

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