Thursday, July 30, 2009

Detroit Riverfront Pics

I'm going to work on the video that I have of my train ride and of the river front. For now however here are some pics that I have of the Detroit Riverfront.

I do believe this is a concession stand. You prolly can buy some food, and also use the bathroom.

This is a map of all the Great Lakes and those cities that are the closest to them. Even I had to re-educate myself on these lakes, Huron, Superior, Michigan, Erie, & Ontario. While Detroit has a namesake river to the east of the City there is a Lake St. Clair to the north of where I was taking pics.

Here on the ground is a map of Detroit and the surrounding area. This was near the glass map of the Great Lakes.

In this pic you are looking square into a foreign country, Canada. Windsor, Ontario, Canada is directly across the Detroit River and you can go across a bridge, Ambassador Bridge or in a tunnel under the river, Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Another sculpture that denotes the Detroit riverwalk.

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