Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shooting outside DuSable High School

I rag on the public schools at times here. Most of it might be because of my experience when I was there. Thankfully no one got shot during my time, but I often see it as dreadful.

You know there was a shooting at a high school, DuSable High, which has a very long history. It's the school of many well-known black Chicagoans, especially Mayor Harold Washington. Of course since it's part of the school system and it's had its problems over the years (it especially doesn't help that there were some CHA high rises nearby, now torn down).

You can read this story in the Trib:
After dropping a student off at the DuSable Leadership Academy High School campus Friday afternoon, one 19-year old was fatally shot and another was wounded outside the South Side campus when a gunman opened fire on their vehicle.

Neither victim was a student at the campus, 4934 S. Wabash Ave., and the female student they gave a ride to was not hurt.

The passenger was killed when the blue Dodge Caravan in which he was riding was fired upon, police said. The driver of the van fled, but was shot on the left side by the gunman who ran after him. The driver sought refuge in a school building, police said, and was later taken to Stroger Hospital in fair condition. Neither of the men had been identified as of late Friday.

The gunman fled in a four-door silver vehicle with a sunroof, police said. The shooting was believed to be gang-related, police said, without elaborating.
Well this could put a dampener on any graduation as one was about to take place at the school for an elementary school and whatever graduation that was to take place that little incident didn't stop it. Watch this vid from CBS 2!


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