Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blago drops in on 2nd City spoof, gets in his own shots

Some journalists may have it right about our Ousted governor, he can't let go. Whatever publicity he can get his hands on he will go for it. He may be as tone deaf as a private citizen as he was as a sitting Governor. Perhaps the only reason people want to see him is because they want to see him make a fool of himself!

Often the butt of jokes these days, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich got to crack a few Saturday night when he made a guest appearance in the Second City's "Rod Blagojevich Superstar" at Navy Pier.

It was the first time Blagojevich had seen the hit musical, which gleefully skewers him as a hair-obsessed, power-hungry narcissist.

Rod Blagojevich takes in "Rob Blagojevich Superstar"

His take on the show?

"I thought it was all bull----," Blagojevich laughingly told the sold-out crowd after the performance at Navy Pier's Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

In particular, Blagojevich said his impersonator, Joey Bland, got one important detail wrong.

"That [hair]brush he had, it's too small," Blagojevich cracked.

And as for the potty-mouthed portrayal of his wife, Patti, "she talks nothing like that," Blagojevich said.

"Patti and I, we live a simple life, contrary to the way you portrayed us," he told Bland on stage.

Blagojevich sat through the show and smiled at times, while showing little reaction at other points.
Here's a video courtesy of WGN!

You know I shouldn't criticize him too much. People are saying that he's either nuts or just doesn't have a clue the scorn against him. Of course there's no need for scorn, he's no longer the Governor of Illinois.

We can say he's a good sport, however, it's unfortunate that people are making fun of him for his alleged misdeeds as far as the criminal case against him or his general record as Governor. And it doesn't even matter how him or his wife attempts to spin it.

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