Thursday, June 11, 2009

Star Trek Left the '60s Behind, but NASA's Still Trapped in the '70s

Read this article. NASA trapped in the 70s, lost it's bold vision that sent men to land on the moon! Today's bold vision might include a return to the moon or a trip to Mars. Hopefully do it cheaply and innovatively. Even better driven not by taxpayer dollars, but by private money willing to invest in exploratory ventures.

It would be so cool if I had the money, but yet I can build my own spaceship. Perhaps I'll even be Captain of that ship, be my own version of Capt. Kirk. Of course we won't have too many places to go since, well we haven't figured out how to go beyond the speed of light with "warp drive". It would still be sooo cool!

BTW, since I saw Star Trek the weekend it was released I never looked at Star Trek the same. This is what new thinking and plenty of money can do with a franchise that could very well use an update. Even production values that could match the rebooted Battlestar Galactica.

Via TrekMovie!

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