Saturday, April 04, 2009

Second comment on the Karl Marx post

I wrote this post over a year ago in within a very short period of time has only recently garnered two comments. I already wrote about the first here's the second comment:
If you actually believe a dictatorship is what makes a communism and therefore the proletariat you have problems that cant possibly be fixed and you are doomed to frolic for the rest of your life in the idiocy of American society. Nowhere does Marx say that a communism will be run without a government ideally. Whoever your teacher is he's an idiot. So i think you should read the communist manifesto as you like the rest of America seem to have been taught the wrong thing and end up thinking they know what they're talking about. Your next step would be reading other manuscripts by Marx, Engels, and Lenin.
First of all my political theory professor was a she so that's what you get for making assumptions. Second it's not very nice to call an idiot someone you really don't know. More importantly you don't know what was taught in that class. You may even have any clue that perhaps she may harbor some sympathies to Communism even if she may have been able to pick off some of the holes in Marx's arguments.

That being said I'm taking a political theory course right now where we will exaclty be talking about Marx' Communist Manifesto. So I will definitely hear the argument for a Communist society from the horse's mouth himself. And I thank you for your reading suggestions for that I definitely want to take you up on them.

Let me attack your idea that I said that dictatorship was what makes Communism or the Proletariat. I never said that although I don't support Communism. Would you understand that the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" is to be a step towards true Communism? I probably didn't indicate that in my original thread but that was the point.

Although my assertion was that the nations that are classified as Communist dictatorships may not be considered true Communism. As I stated they were stuck in a phase of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Now you may be right if I use that term incorrectly and it doesn't necessarily mean a concentrated leadership under only one person or group of persons. Unfortunately that's what a lot of these nations became.

Also I understand that in order to form a Communist state, especially starting with the old Soviet Union under Vladimir Lenin they chose to skip a step in the evolution to a communist system. That is at some point they go directly into the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, however, there's probably a stage before that which was skipped. I would assume that stage involved the bourgeoisie.

Anyway I have to do more research on this to understand the steps to a Communist system. I think your premise about what I wrote was wrong, but I would like to invite you to come back and offer a bit more about your knowledge of Communism.

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