Friday, April 03, 2009

Ousted governor is indicted!

This indictment was certainly a long time coming since his Dec. 9th arrest.

Rod Blagojevich, who I often refer to often as either the corrupt ex-governor or ousted governor instead of just saying his name on this blog since his removal is facing just over two three centuries in prison according to Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax. Although he linked to a summary of the charges against him and his co-conspirators who have either served in his administration or his electoral campaigns, I don't understand the sentencing structures and the counts. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

In any event when the news went down yesterday afternoon Blagojevich and his family was in Florida at Disneyland. And offered a statement thru his PR firm continuing to insist that he is innocent. Of course, I'm sure that infuriated a lot people to no end. Especially since he's been caught doing wrong!

Finally he can get his day in court and let's not forget, innocent until proven guilty. We have to admit, however, he probably wasn't playing up that angle very well after he was arrested and during his impeachment trial. If he is innocent, he may as well have just made himself guilty. Certainly it's one thing for it to be alleged, but to have authorities act on it and eventually indict you is another issue.

We learned from the indictment yesterday they the feds have been looking at him since he became Governor! Unbelieveable! Since 2003 the feds have alleged that he has run a criminal enterprise using the office of governor. How did we let this guy into office anyway?

It wasn't enough that he was lousy for the most part. Especially since the legislature run by his fellow Democrats (especially the state House of Representatives) didn't get along with him. That is his word wasn't his bond but to be broken on a whim. He was apparently engaging in corrupt conduct as well!

You know this isn't a good record two governors back to back running a foul of the law. One, George Ryan, is already in jail and the other is likely on his way. All we can say for Ryan is that while he may not have been a bad governor if he hadn't taken a very hard line in getting to the bottom of the allegations contained within his former position of Secretary of State, who knows where he'd be today instead of serving a seven year sentence. BTW, Ryan was Blago's immediate predecessor having served one term before Blago.

You know who else has gotten caught up in his schemes his wife, who may find herself under indictment for her real estate dealings and his brother who is in the ousted governor's indictment. It probably wouldn't be so bad if it was only him and since he seems to be more willing to fight than just plea bargain his way out of this mess if for nothing else to help his family then they may go down with him. He definitely was more willing to fight the charges of impeachment until he decided not to fight where it would have counted in the state Senate.

Still amongst the other issues going on in the world we'll have to admit that this is all a big mess going on in the late Blagojevich administration. Stay tuned!

BTW, would reforms have stopped him? Since Blago was ousted the current mantra from his successor, Pat Quinn has been reforming a system that allows for pay to play. Could reforming this system stop a future Blagojevich or could this just be a one-in-a-million shot?

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