Monday, April 06, 2009

Blagojevich Name Still Towers Over Far South Side

It's been more than two months since Rod Blagojevich was ousted from the governor's office. But his name remains in a prominent spot along a busy Illinois highway.

The grain elevators for the Illinois International Port District are visible from the Bishop Ford Freeway on Chicago's far South Side. Painted right up there along with Mayor Richard Daley's name is former Governor Rod Blagojevich's.

IANELLO: The largest cost, obviously, is scaffolding up to the roof line. To get to the sign, it's about $3,800. That's the price tag for a Blagojevich-free grain elevator, according to Tony Ianello, the port's director.

IANELLO: In [these] economic times, expenditures are expenditures. And at this juncture, we've got a program for next year, not this year.
And guess what? Over two years ago I got a mobile phone pic of these elevators. This wasn't too long after his re-election and inauguration and two years before his eventual removal.

Wild isn't it?

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