Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Should we have universal pre-k?

A couple or so weeks ago John Stossel took over an entire hour of 20/20 to talk about issues where government intervention in the markets, traffic congestion, medicinal marihuana, illegal immigration, and even a segment on whether or not opportunity is to be had here in the states.

This video is about universal pre-k and arguments against it or arguments for it.

I remember Hillary Clinton, our secretary of state, cut a commercial in her presidential campaign with many policy goals including universal pre-k. I suppose it could be safe to say that before one jumps on something for "free" we should investigate the benefits of such a program. You will hear in this clip that kids who did pre-school are more aggressive than those who don't.

Sometimes a lot of these arguments are more emotional than anything else. Reason enter into it, but the idea might be to scare you in a course of action. I mean think about it don't you want the best for your children? Do you want your children to get the headstart they need for regular school?

A lot parents might hear this and think that perhaps pre-school is beneficial. Even if it's paid for by their own tax dollars. One will run into parents who will say that their children are worth a few dollars. Then the next issue becomes for getting one more program for the kids what might the return be?

Perhaps before we ask for these programs that might cost taxpayer money, we should ask these questions?

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