Monday, March 23, 2009

Eddie Murphy on SNL

Eddie Murphy was a star on the Lorne Michaels-less SNL that aired in the early 1980s. Do any of you remember Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood? A sketch that was sort of a "ghetto" take on Mr. Roger's neighborhood. Murphy was Robinson and those sketches were hilarious.

This was pretty good though. Not sure if I could expect to see this on SNL today now that Lorne Michaels has returned to his baby that he started way back in the mid 1970s.

Almost a parody of the murder of John Lennon, attempted assasination of Ronald Reagan and the muder of Lee Harvey Oswald rolled up in one. A celebrity (Buckwheat played by Eddie Murphy) murdered as he was about to go into his limousine. Then they find they talk about the murderer John David Stutts whose name almost matched up to Mark David Chapman who murdered John Lennon. The shooter who was about to be arraigned gets murdered ala Lee Harvey Oswald who was murdered by Jack Ruby.

And the faux TV coverage with I believe Joe Piscipo masquerading as Ted Koppel. It almost has the idea that the media is sensationalizing the murder of Buckwheat. Even sponsored by a faux insurance company with the tagline, "Because you can die tomorrow". The moment of silence, the shooting of Stutts, and even the death of Stutts were sponsored by this company. It was funny!

What do you think about this sketch? It seems like an appropriate lead in to the show although there was no indication of that in this clip.

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