Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama the chimp?

You know I often forget how people can be at times, hypersensitive about these type of things. It may even be that some people over react.

I can see how some people can see the symbolism. Racist people often think of blacks as apes and since blacks often equal apes then we have a police officer shooting at black/ape. Of course it doesn't help that the caption mentions this whole stimulus package that was signed into law this week.

Of course while people want to associate this photography with President Obama, it could be noted & said that Obama didn't write the stimulus. He largely did leave it up to Congress to determine what should be in there, even if he had his own ideas.

Anyway what do you think about this cartoon.

You can find the original cartoon here at the New York Post. You'd have to go thru the archives although it was just yesterday.

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