Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hey I remember this show!

Not entirely sure how I came across this show, Get a Life during it's first run back in the early 1990s. I watched the show quite frequently. For my young eyes it was watchable, that's not to say I understood it.

The video you're looking at is the final act of an episode that bothered me. I despised the effects where Chris Elliot's character, Chris Peterson, is about to meet an unfortunate demise. He was targeted by a huge oversized, automated newspaper delivery vehicle. The vehicle decided to go after Chris when in a race between man and machine the man, Chris himself won!

I learned last night that this is one of many fates that would befall Chris Peterson during the two seasons this show was on the air. I decided to find as many of these episodes as I could. I'm not counting those episodes where Chris dies of old age, but certainly those eps where there's no way Chris should be able to come back for another episode. Almost like how Kenny is killed at the end of most early South Park episodes only to come back in the next one. When he does die it's almost as if it doesn't bother anyone that there's a dead body in the house. If I had watched that back then I wouldn't have even understood!

This show reminds me of the old FOX network that I grew up with. The quality that they have now wasn't what they were known for back then. Would a program like Get a Life even make it on that network today? What about Married with Children, The Tracey Ullman Show, or even In Living Color? Of course The Simpsons were an Ullman spinoff and they're still on the network to this day! Could they have made it on FOX now as a new series?

I get the feeling a lot of the shows that were on FOX back in the early days probably wouldn't even get placed on the schedule today. Ullman probably, In Living Color, even The Simpsons. There are surely others that are worth mentioning that probably wouldn't even make it on the air.

Then again how did Get a Life even make it? Chris Elliot and his crew must have fought for it or FOX was desperate for content. I've seen several episodes of this show and I really think it's horrible. It was very surreal especially with the many fates that befall Chris Peterson including death. Almost cartoonish and it just doesn't appeal to me much.

Perhaps it's a good thing that FOX's standards had no where else to go but up and it shows now! :)

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