Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A black woman says she's not emo

I would say there are deeper issues here than the fact this young lady enjoys music that her peers wouldn't want to listen to in the first place. At least that is how I would take this story.

See this young lady, Josetta Adams, got into rock music instead of hip-hop and R&B because she fell into depression. In general, Black people don't generally talk about depression. In fact the subject might be avoided entirely until someone does the unthinkable and comitts suicide.

Is it true that black families don't talk about their "feelings"? Is it true that going to seek help thru a mental health professional is considered a failure because we didn't pray about it? Can depression be cured thru prayer alone and with nothing but faith?

Surely this young lady didn't have to turn to rock music in order to find something that matched her mood. Is this an indictment of black music itself? And is expressing herself make her a "sellout"?

You know I have a saying. Black folks don't get emo, but we do get the blues? If rock music can match the mood of a depressed person I can only imagine what happens to a person who listened to the blues. Of course that's not the most popular musical form today.

There are some issues worth discussing here, what do you think out there?

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