Thursday, November 06, 2008

Exit polling on Election Day

Unfortunately I don't know what the findings are. When I finally got back to campus that night I gave the data to one of the professors in the Political Science Department and then I headed towards my room to chill and then I took a shower before I went to Douglass Hall to check out this Election Watch Party.

An interesting day with a hodgepodge of people going to vote. Yeah they were mostly elderly but a few younger people voted. Ran into some Spelman alumni there to vote on this day. I also ran into some Morehouse College alumni as well.

Also a member of the New Black Panther Party dropped by. I'm not sure he voted, but he was there pointed out by an older guy who claimed he was a member of the original Black Panthers, he currently works for the NAACP as a poll watcher at this precinct. He told me a lot of stuff after some election officials dropped by to let us know that we were too close to the precinct.

We had to move out a little unfortunately it was difficult for us to do what we were tasked because we were supposed to get a random sampling of voters. That means that we should get at least every third person but we can't get every third person if we couldn't come up on the people.

We did find away around that although by the time I had thought of this it was a little late. And there wasn't a late rush at all by the evening. It was a good plan though to have one of us stand back while the other would tell people about the exit poll survey. It was also a good idea by one of us to have some of the essays to have some of the voters complete. Although near the end no one came out towards me and there was never a late rush.

I also want to say that the neighborhood we were in seemed very country. It was a city neighborhood, but it was quite hilly and there were some nice looking single family homes around. The neighborhood was generally quiet except for a home that had the music blaring, although the music was usually jazz playing.

This neighborhood seemed almost like a suburban neighborhood or I could consider it county especially since well I didn't see a lot of street lights. While I'm sure they were there this polling place where I spent most of the day well the only illumination was from this park where the polling place sat.

On the way back to school I forgot to note if there were streetlight even though it was dark on the ride back. I don't recall the streets in this neighborhood as being particularly dark. But my day was interesting and I look forward to telling you about some of the characters I have seen on this day.

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knowitall said...

I bet a lot of students believed in the left-wing illuminati when they proclaimed to give out this money to students. You should poll the students now that the numbers of community service hours have changed.

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