Friday, November 07, 2008

Barriers Broken?

A piece by the man behind himself...
Of course, the Obama victory elicits its own spin, which is also highly dangerous. The main message concerns race. All the headlines blared that a racial barrier had been broken. The subtext here is impossible to miss: heretofore America has been a hopelessly racist country that put up barriers to the advance of people of color.

But why should politics be the standard for what constitutes a barrier or a barrier broken? The ability of individuals in a group to navigate the murky and treacherous waters of electoral politics has no necessary connection to the status of the group as a whole.

A much better indicator concerning the status of any group – racial, religious, sexual, or otherwise – is commerce, which is the real engine that makes society work. And here we see that there are no such barriers in existence. We need only look at the status of black-owned businesses to see that there are more than one million in the United States, generating revenue of some $89 billion per year, which is more than the GDP of 140 countries around the world, and growing (according to most recent data) at a faster pace than all businesses.
Like I keep saying I'm trying to keep this into perspective. I don't want to be like some blacks who are still at this moment besides themselves because America elected a Black President. At the same time will Obama's ascension be a catalyst for blacks moving up in the world?

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knowitall said...

What people aren't realizing is this isn't a good thing. Just think if the left-wing illuminati don't uphold what the country feels they should, what does this do for the next African American? That's why people should have voted for the more experienced candidate.

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