Friday, November 14, 2008

Arlene Jones: To The Black Community - What Excuses Now?

Bill Baar blogs over at Illinoize about a column from Arlene Jones of the Austin Weekly News and adds his two cents. He says that Jones should really challenge the fact that blacks vote in lockstep for the Democratic Party. Indeed Ms. Jones and other should demand some attention by the Republican Party.


Bill Baar said...

Thanks Levois... I'm always a little baffled by AA leaders who lecture the AA community. I listene to them describe the ills and faults and think of all the whites I know guilty of the same. I wouldn't tolerate a white Pol lecturing me that way (even if they were right!). It's not what I vote for...

What Arlene could do is open her pages to a litte more diverse view points.

Arlene Jones said...

Who did Ms. Jones support for Cook County State's Attorney publicly? Well it wasn't the democractic candidate.

How come George Ryan won multiple turns in office? A lot of Black Chicagoans voted for him.

But right now after the disaster known as Sarah Palin and the even worst disaster known as the Republican convention and the Alan Keyes candidate for U.S. Senate, its hard for most people to even think of the republican party.

But I do concur that staying lock step with the democraps is a mistake. We need some bright individuals to put the Republican agenda forward.

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