Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Ad Age President Who ‘Killed Election Day’

Pajama's Media:
Barack Obama’s presidential victory last Tuesday was a triumph of clever advertising, slick marketing, and subversion of the way elections were run in America for over 200 years.

I’m not saying that. Fawning advertisers, marketers, and writers at Advertising Age are.

On October 17, two and a half weeks before the election, Ad Age named the Obama campaign its 2008 Marketer of the Year, beating out the likes of Apple, Zappos, and other household names that sell real products and services to consumers.
I gotta admit that I loved to look at some of the graphic art that came out of the Obama campaign. In fact I linked to a website where you can add different words and slogans to a representation of an Obama poster. I want to find some more examples though. I hope some young up and coming politician can steal some ideas or come up with new ones.

And you know the Republicans can use a few of their own as well. Some will say that some of this material almost look like communist or cultist propaganda. Either way it seems that a form of flash would go a long way in getting a very good or a very bad politician election. And I would like to see good politicians get elected.

BTW, I know that good and bad is subjective, but if you want an example of a bad politicians look no further than Illinois' Rod Blagojevich. He's a man who despite his own bluster seems to have the inability to get absolutely nothing done. An ineffective politician, IMO, is a very bad politician.

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